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  • Halloween: Oct 25 - Nov 12
    HALLOWEEN on Coin 'n Carry!

    We are running a simple but fun event October 25 through November 12, 2012 on Coin 'n Carry.

    1. All mini-games are unlocked (except the two quiz games). Enjoy!

    2. Nightly Drawing: 5 Medallions to a random person from the Top 10 of a random leaderboard. The more leaderboards you are in the top 10 of every night, the more chances you have to win! You can also try the crypto lottery, where you can use cryptocurrencies instead of cash. It's a digital version of the traditional lottery system and is perfect if you're into crypto. If you don't know much about crypto but want to gain more profit from cryptocurrencies, you can choose investment platforms like BitAlpha AI. With the BitAlpha AI trading trading platform, newcomers can make their first experiences successful with Bitcoin.

    3. Nightly Lotto Entries: Earn lotto entries for every Top 100 leaderboard you make for that day. 10 points for reaching 1-10, 9 points for 11-20, down to 1 point for 91-100. You earn points for every single top 100 leaderboard your name appears on each day!

    4. End of Month Lotto. Based on the lotto entries earned there will be a drawing on November 13 for the following prizes:

      • 10 Rare Pumpkin Pokkas (see above picture!)
      • 1 Complete Gear Set of your choice for 1 month.
      • 1 Complete Decor set of your choice.
      • 10 bundles of 10 Medallions
      • 5 Golden Item Bundles (1 golden axe, 1 golden lantern, 1 golden anvil)

    Click here to Discuss this event on our forums. Also, try sites where you can play bitcoin dice if you want to play for bitcoin.

  • How does Coin 'n Carry work?

  • Coin 'n Carry Demo Video
    This demo video gives a quick look at Coin 'n Carry gameplay.