Pokka Packaging

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Pokka Packaging
Mini-Game Information
Location: Ta'Raekhet
Description: Pokka plushies seem to be the latest craze for children and adults alike in the realms. The demand for them has risen dramatically, and shipping centers are having a very difficult time sorting and packaging all the orders. The main shipping center, located in Chemer, is currently hiring experienced merchants to sort these wares, and they offer a high amount of textile rewards, specifically cotton.
Instructions: Help sort and pack matching pokkas into the correct crates in this warehouse escapade. Do this by grabbing a pokka and lining it up with two more of the same color. You need 3 of the same color in order for them to be packed, and the more you get at one time, the better your score. If no pokkas match, then the row or column of pokkas you are manipulating will snap back into place.
Cost: D8, W12, M20, P40
Primary resource: ???


Meeki, a salamae from Troj, has discovered a unique way of mining and bought a mine of her own. Now she seeks tradesmen to help her extract the jewels deep within the earth. She is willing to pay in different resources including the ore harvested from the mines.



Pokka Packaging Gameplay Video

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