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A shop day consists of a player stocking the shop with wares created from a crafting session, customers buying the wares they want based on specific parameters, and events occurring during the shopping session.

A player's shop originally holds 2 wares per shelf. Each shelf holds a specific type of ware, and these shelves can be upgraded in the Medallion Store. The first shelf to right of the door holds weapons. The second shelf to the right holds armor. The first shelf on the second row holds potions, and the last shelf on the second row holds food.

The purple showcase holds artifacts which are created through the transmuting system.

Shops may be stocked by players dragging their wares from the inventory window to the correct shelf. Players may move wares on the shelves freely to get them positioned just so. After the wares are in the desired position, the player needs only to click the Open Shop button, and customers will begin flooding into the store.

Once customers enter they will either begin purchasing wares, triggering events, or leaving grumpily. All customers have a limited number of triads, and they all come in with a specific mood that will affect their shopping experience.

Once all customers have left the shop, the day closes, and players are informed of the amount of coin they made and the reputation they gained. Shop days can be skipped by simply stocking nothing on the shelves and opening the shop. The shop will take a reputation hit from such an action.

A Medallion Store item, the Golden Lantern, can be bought that allows players to run a shop day at any given time.

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